Explore your faith


This is our traditional service. Recite the liturgy you have come to love, practice the traditions you honor, and worship your Savior here at Macedonia Church. 

We meet every Sunday at 8:30 AM.


You are welcome here. You don't need to believe to come to Church here. Some people prefer Worship in a less structured context--we hear you. Come into an environment that fosters applicable answers to life's questions, enjoy passionate sermons, feel genuine hospitality, and leave with a remarkable experience that has made you think. 

Start your week off right with a divine encounter with us every

Sunday at 10:30 AM. 

Church differently

Please note: Thursday Night Church is cancelled until further notice due to COVID-19.

Thursday Night Church is designed with you in mind. We want to make connecting with God easier. So, we created Thursday Night Church, a midweek service for you. Maybe, you can't attend church on Sunday morning because of work, sports, or some other conflict. Sometimes "church" is so full of religious rituals that you just can't connect to God in that context. Whatever your reason for attending this service may be, know that this is a relaxed service that you can find God in. We replaced the traditional monologue sermon with a guided conversation, so you can ask real questions and get real answers. Wear whatever you have on your back, bring whatever lays heavy on your heart, pray the words that are on your mind with people who care, and leave as a person changed by a truly awesome God. 

Church differently with us every Thursday at 7PM here at Macedonia.